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Back Bay Futures
Camarillo, CA USA Telephone: 855-383-1700 Email:
Back Bay Futures offers Managed Futures Investment Services and online trading platforms for self-directed traders. As an Independent IB we work with several brokers to offer you several NinjaTrader solutions, Free Trading Platforms and Forex Trading Platforms.
Barnebee Trading Group Inc,
Naples, Florida USA Telephone: 800-485-6801 Email:
Barnebee Trading Group provides a full service to beginners and seasoned traders at competitive rates. Our specialties include chart formations, technical analysis and indicators, options analysis and fundamental analysis as well as identifying useful information in the Commitment of Traders report and market sentiment.
Barrington Commodity Brokers, Inc.
Barrington, Illinois USA Telephone: 800-942-1513 Email:
Full service and discount rates. 23 years experience and member of CBOT. Free trade of the week recomendation at our web site.
Barrons Commodity
Fort Lauderdale, FL USA
Barrons Commodity offers the most comprehensive commodities information. Find all of the information you are looking for with this valuable free resource. This professional site is a must when looking for commodities information.
Basic Commodities, Inc.
Winter Park, Florida USA Telephone: 800-338-7006 Email:
A Full-Service, Guaranteed Introducing Broker clearing through ADM Investor Services. Quality service since 1987 including a daily fax service to our active traders. Service tailored to each client's needs. Instant order execution, exchange minimum margins, extensive research & analytical resources, options expertise, competitive commission rates.
Basis Financial
Destin, FL USA Telephone: 800-628-1764 Email:
BF|MF is a commodity broker offering managed futures, online trading, and full service brokerage. We also provide free quotes and charts, customized and proprietary technical analysis, and free trade signals.
Bates Commodities, Inc.
Normal, Illinois USA Telephone: 800-779-1515 Email:
Bates Commodities, Inc. is an Introducing Broker with the main office in Normal, Illinois. There are branches in Peoria, Springfield, Cissna Park, Windsor, Mt. Carmel, Charleston, and Sterling, Illinois, and Francesville, Indiana. A large percentage of the business is agriculturally related and is comprised of grain and livestock farmers, landowners, country elevator operators, and seed dealers.At Bates Commodities we believe in providing the latest communications technology. This includes a network competer system and on-line services that can provide instant price quotes and charting capabilities.
BB&B Asset Management
Reutlingen, - Germany Telephone: +49-7121-3469-80 Email:
Full-service Brokerage, specializing in managed-futures accounts. Minimum account size US$ 50.000,--
Beacon Futures, Inc
Naples, Florida USA Telephone: 800-660-5288 Email:
Mary Pagano-Broker since 1994 / Editor of The Scale Trader newsletter. Full Service, CTA Managed or Discount, Broker assisted or direct online trading access. Roundturn futures and options commissions from $25-$50. Real-time account inquiry, charts, quotes, daily research. Clearing Firm-Iowa Grain Company with over 30 years in the Futures Business.
Beall Investment Services, LLC
Platteville, Colorado USA Telephone: 877-404-2333 Email:
Beall Investment Services, LLC is a full service commodity brokerage firm that offers a wide range of customized services and unique industry insight for its clients.
Beddows Commodities, Inc.
Hobe Sound, Florida USA Telephone: toll free 866 744 0900, local 772.546.4411 Email:
Full Service Commodity Brokerage since 1984. Managed Accounts. Direct to floor executions. Commercial Accounts. Discount Brokerage. Hedging Specialists. Exchange Minimum Margins. 24 Hour trading. Low commissions. Former Registered Floor Broker and registered CTA. Professional experienced service for serious traders. New traders welcome. On line trading available. Free research, charts and quotes. Call Thomas C. Beddows President 866.744.0900 or email Visit our website at
Benchmark Financial Services
Atlanta, Georgia USA Telephone: 800-273-0269 or 770-454-1880 Email:
Six of us represent in excess of 100 years of experience in the industry. We do it all---spec and hedge strategies; managed futures and stock business. Our requirements and commissions are designed to attract business. Check us out.
Benson-Quinn Commodities, Inc.
Minneapolis, Minnesota USA Telephone: 612-340-5905 Email:
BQCI has a keen ability to help you make sense of the markets. True, because our intelligence resources are second to none-our sources are global and our network is expansive. We study weather, production, farm technology, governtment regulations, worldwide politics and economic changes to the nth degree. Rather than simply report that information back to you, we research, decipher, question, brainstorm, then advise so you can make the tough decisions the markets demand.
Berkeley (Bahamas) Limited
Nassau, Bahamas USA Telephone: 1 242 322 7607 Email:
Offshore, Online, futures, options and foreign exchange broker
Best Buy Investments Inc
Summerfield, Florida USA Telephone: 800-835-0096 Email:
Free Futures market Letter by Email. Broker clearing through ADM Investor Services,Inc. Paper Traders welcome.
BEST Direct by PFG
Westlake Village , California USA Telephone: 877.494.8188 Email:
BEST Direct offers On-line trading services for the futures markets. In addition we have a wealth of education and research for your review
BetterCTA :: Managed Futures & Managed Accounts
Gainesville, Florida USA Email:
BetterCTA is a managed futures brokerage firm specializing in managed futures research and CTA trade execution. Unlike traditional managed futures firms, BetterCTA blends the use of sophisticated investment analysis software with intricate asset correlation modeling to provide investors with investment choices that truly make sense.
Beverly Hills Capital
Los Angeles, California USA Telephone: 310-556-7718 Email:
Providing online futures and forex trading services, prime services as well as capital introduction and marketing platform to CTAs, forex and Hedge Fund managers.
BHB Group ScotiaMcLeod
Montreal, Quebec Canada Telephone: 1-888-497-2027 Email:
If you are a corporation that is required to manage the risks associated with your business or a private investor interested in buying and selling futures contracts to gain pure exposure to commodity, interest rate, currency or financial index movements, the Burak Hannon Brojde Group can design solutions exclusively for you.
Big Horn Financial Services, LLC
Jackson, Wyoming USA Telephone: 307-379-1509 Email:
As a full service commodities firm, Big Horn Financial Services, LLC helps investors build, manage and preserve their investment goals in the commodites industry. We will work with you to develop a program based on your individual investment goals from a vast array of financial products and services we provide such as: Managed Futures, Commodity Investment Pools, Research, Clearing, Systems Tracking Trade Services, Risk Management, Option Strategies and Branch Office support.
Big Sky Futures and Options
Bozeman, Montana USA Telephone: 800 992 4475 Email:
Our company specializes in trading the grain and livestock markets for both speculators and hedgers. Our company offers option strategies, option/futures stategies and out right trading. We are a full service firm that will help you learn how to trade using both technical and fundamental input while staying away from common mistakes made by new traders. Our company will help you get familiar with the markets before you trade. If you would like to learn about the markets, visit the "Research and Training" section of our site.
Binary Trading, LLC.
Tustin, CA USA Telephone: 1-800-860-5619 Email:
Commodity Trading Advisor specializing in the use of proprietary mechanical trading systems and risk management for its managed futures accounts.
Black Diamond Asset Management
Park City, Utah USA Telephone: 435.647.0709 Email: George Moldenhauer
Black Diamond Asset Management is a CTA managing clinet funds in the Interest Rate (T-Bonds and notes) futures and Stock Indices. Minimum acct $7,500.
Blackheath Fund Management Inc.
Toronto, Ontario Canada Telephone: 416-363-2962 Email:
Offering both Managed Accounts and two futures fund, Blackheath uses an innovative investment strategy based in behavioural finance. Our goal is to generate a positive return for investors in a way not correlated to returns from traditional asset classes, as we have been able to do every year for the past seven years.
Blair Associates
Newport Beach, CA US Telephone: 800-203-9791 Email:
One hour technical and fundamental consultation. On open positions and markets in general...
BLT Financial Group, LLC
Sparta, New Jersey USA Telephone: 800 258-1179 Email:
BLT Financial Group is a guaranteed Introducting Broker for the LIT Division of First Options of Chicago, one of the countries largest commodity futures and option clearing firms. With our combined staff of seasoned professionals, BLT offers unsurpassed service to both the experienced and novice traders. We provide our clients with a live quote/order desk. All market orders are placed directly to the floors of all major exchanges and flash fills are available in most markets.
Blue Fish Commodities
New York, New York USA Telephone: 1-800-871-8981 Email:
We specialize in Managed Futures Accounts, one block away from the NYSE, we are at the capital of finance. Both hedgers and speculators are welcomed as accounts.
Boracay Capital Management
Chicago, Illinois USA Telephone: 1-708-466-6848 Email:
Boracay Capital Management, Inc. is a full service company that has the main goal of appreciating and satisfying its customers. Being a registered CTA and CPO we also specialize in the fund management of individuals. Please look at our supplemental site for free analysis and outlooks.
Bourne Financial Ltd
London, England United Kingdom Telephone: 02 07965 4444 Email:
Financial services and FSA accreditation for IFAs, venture capitalists, hedge funds, private equity and mortgage brokers start-ups and a full range of office support services including IT solutions.
Bressert Electronic Systems Trading(BEST) Direct
Chicago, Illinois USA Telephone: 1-800-759-0062 Email:
We hold the technology to implement BEST Direct into most of the designs for electronic trading that the exchanges are creating. With BEST Direct, you can expect quicker more accurate order placement, faster fill reporting, profit/loss trade reporting and much, much more. Download a free demo now and see how BEST Direct can help you trade futures on-line in seconds now!
Bridge Commodities (London)
London, U.K., Middlesex U.K. Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8866 7411 Email:
International brokers for physical agricultural commodities. Established 1994. 15 years experience. Providing brokerage services for soft agricultural commodities including sugar, wheat, sesameseeds, vegetable oils, pulses, and other soft agricultural commodities. Multiple reliable contacts and trading partners worldwide.
Bridge Futures & Options Inc.
Chicago, Illinois USA Telephone: 800 214 1500 Email:
Discount electronic futures and options trading-direct to the trading pits in 2 1/2 seconds-test trade for free.
Bridgeton Global Investor Services, Inc.
Allentown, PA 18053 Telephone: (610) 366-3922 Email:
Bridgeton serves as an all-inclusive futures and commodities boutique offering a comprehensive and hands-on team of trading specialists - dedicated to helping you succeed in trading by building true client-trader partnerships.
Bright Commodity Broker
Schererville, IN USA Telephone: 800.840.5617 Email:
A discount online commodity broker offering several user friendly and lightning fast online commodity trading platforms and specializing in commodity futures and all other exchange traded futures markets that can possibly be offered by a commodity broker.
Brock Investor Services
Milwaukee, Wisconson USA Telephone: 1-800-426-0923 Email:
Brock Investor Services, Inc. provides commodity traders, investors, and farmers with competent and reliable brokerage services at reasonable prices. BIS is primarily owned by Richard A. Brock, Chairman of the firm and also President of Brock Associates, a commodity marketing and consulting firm.
Brookstreert Securities Corp.
Irvine, CA USA Telephone: 800-284-2578 Email:
We offer full service brokerage with an emphasis on CTA managed accounts, System Directed accounts and personal one-on-one service. Our futures division is headed by 20 year market veteran George Moldenhauer. For a free daily market report, including trade recommendations, please call or email. FUTURES TRADING INVOLVES SUBSTANTIAL RISK.
Bruce Kenison
Great Falls, MT USA Telephone: 406-791-8037 Email:
Precision market timing services provided by the developer of the unique and powerful Kenison Counting Numbers market timing system that projects important reversal the future.
Bruce Mitchell
Fergus , Ontario Canada Telephone: 866-787-6300 Email:
Twenty years experience. Specialty is S&P large and emini. Trade all other commodities with excellent results. Negotiable commissions based on activity and account size. Option of online trading. 866-787-6300
BubbaDog Trading
Washington, District of Columbia USA Telephone: 202/338-8095 Email:
Hedge Fund manager. Newsletter editor. Stock indices, bonds, and currency specialists. E-mail us for a sample of our service.
Buchanan and Company
Manhattan, Kansas USA Telephone: 785-776-1313 Email:
A full-service broker in Manhattan, Kansas that serves livestock and grain producers as well as speculators. We operate a conservative managed accounts program that emphasizes selling options. Our web-site has extensive links to information commodity investors need.
Bull Bear Commodities Inc.
Portland, Oregon USA Telephone: 800 388-6871 Email:
Trade futures & options on-line, with a broker or a Certified Trade Advisor (CTA). Review the status of your account on-line any time. Free charts, virtual crop tours, research and more. Talk to a CTA who also trades and uses Omega 2000i. New traders, get the whole story before you start trading.
Burke Commodities Corp.
Delray Beach, FL USA Telephone: 800-797-2716 Email:
Futures and options brokerage. Full service and online discount trading.
Burnidge Commodities
South Elgin, IL USA Telephone: (847) 695-6333 (800) 589-7319 Email:
Over 35 years experience in commodity futures.Full service, discount, electronic trading, and professionally managed futures. Specialize in assisting beginning and smaller traders.
Byrne Investment Services of Minnesota
Saint Michael, MN USA Telephone: 800-960-5085 Email:
We are a Full Service Futures & Options Broker. Check us out and receive a Free Commodity Trading Package Today!
Byrne Investment Services, Inc.
Fairview Park, Ohio USA Telephone: 800-250-3450 Email:
Experienced brokers offering discount online trading as well as personalized full service brokerage. We specialize in the grains, scale trading, option writing, and daytrading. Feel free to call for a free information package.

Lt Crude 51.27
Nat Gas 3.611
Corn 359 2/8
Cotton #2 71.01
Gold 1173.5
Copper 2.6920
Euro 1.07580
USD Index 100.112
SP500 E-mini 2204.25
DJIA E-mini 19207