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Your privacy is important to us.
In an effort to support privacy policy disclosures on the Internet,, Inc. wishes to set an example for other major web sites by voluntarily making our privacy policy available to the public. We urge all other major web sites to do the same.
Who we are …, Inc. is the operator of three online information services, which provide complete market information -- charts, quotes and news -- in three financial sectors: futures (, forex ( and stocks ( We can be reached by telephone at 1.306-445-2900 or by email to
The information we collect …
Our software automatically collects limited information about each visit to our web sites. This information is limited to the time and date, the IP address, the type of web browser software used, the address of the web page visited on our site, and the address of the web page from which provided the link to our site. In addition, our software automatically records the "alias" you used if you log on to our discussion forums. We do not record any other personal information provided through our web site in any way.
Why we do it …
The information collected is used for the improvement of our services only. The information is saved in "raw" form for a period of approximately six months. These files might be examined to diagnose problems with our server, or to provide an IP address used to access our site in the case of abuse or "hacking". In addition, individual usage patterns are recorded in a database to aid in providing a personalized experience; that data is retained indefinitely. However, such individualized information is not linked to any otherwise-personally identifiable data. Aggregate statistics are generated from all data, for the purpose of providing long-term general usage statistics. Occasionally, such aggregate statistics are made available to potential advertisers so that they can evaluate the usefulness of supporting our sites.
About e-mail addresses …
When you e-mail us, or use our "Suggestion Box" pages to contact us, your message and email address might be saved on our office computers, but only for the purpose of ongoing correspondence. The email addresses you provide to us in any manner are never compiled into a mailing list, nor provided to third parties (unless you explicitly sign up for services that are delivered by email, like our TradingSmart newsletter). Be aware though, that if you post messages to our online discussion forums and provide your email address in the messages, that information is visible to other visitors, and could be abused by unscrupulous visitors and corporations.
About our suggestion box
The online "suggestion box" is widely used as a means to contact us, most often for the purpose of suggesting improvements to our site. In addition it is frequently used as a means to ask questions about the use of our site or request help with problems. When the suggestion box is used, in addition to the message you provide the type of web browser and operating system that you are using, and the content of your site "cookies" is also recorded (more on cookies below). The additional information is used solely to aid in diagnosing problems and providing assistance. The message and information is then automatically e-mailed to our offices, and not otherwise stored.
Why and how we use "cookies" …
TradingCharts.Com, and thousands of other web sites use cookies extensively to enhance the experience of visitors to our site. Cookies can be used to temporarily store information that you have provided to our site in the course of your visits. Cookies are used on our site primarily to store your "preferences". For example, if you use the "My Menu" feature of our site, a cookie is used to remember the selections you made for your customized menu. Similarly, a cookie is used to "remember" the settings you use when viewing a chart, so that the next time you view a chart you will not have to enter your settings again. At no time is personal information recorded in a cookie used on our site. Cookies are also used by TradingCharts to identify your computer system, but only to allow for the tracking of site use patterns, as described above. At no time is the content of a cookie served from our site available to anything except our web server software.
Our advertising representatives, Dean Media Group …
Dean Media Group provides our site with advertising sales. Information about your visit to this site, such as number of times that you have viewed an ad (but not your name, address or other personal information), is used to help best serve ads to you on this site. Aside from data exchange implicit in the above, we do not provide specific information to Dean Media Group beyond aggregate statistics. Similarly, they do not provide specific information to our site, beyond aggregate statistics. This policy is designed to enhance your privacy while using the, Inc online services.
Third party cookies
In the course of serving advertisements to this site, advertisers may place or recognize a unique cookie on your browser. In addition, we may use the services of companies that analyze website traffic (like Google or Media Metrix); those companies might also place and recognize cookies on your web browser. We do not have control over their use of such cookies, but expect that their use of such cookies is safe -- and we will block use of such cookies if ever we learn otherwise.
TradingSmart Newsletters
If you sign up for services that are delivered by email, such as the TradingSmart newsletter offered by TradingCharts, your email address and information provided at the time of subscribing is recorded and retained for the purpose of delivering the service or newsletter to your email box. If you opt in to third-party offers at the time of subscribing, the information provided in the fill-in form may be provided to such third parties. Although we encourage these third parties to assure the privacy of your information, we do not directly control the manner in which this information is used.
Note …
This site contains links to other sites. Although we encourage every web site to maintain a clear and public privacy policy,, Inc. cannot directly influence the privacy practices or the content of such web sites and cannot be responsible for their practices.
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